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Nanovision MIMO UM-720F (7" USB Touchscreen Display, VESA)

Artikelcode: TFT0201

Nanovision MIMO UM-720F (7

Difference to UM-720S : VESA (75mm) compatible mounting option on display rear side. 

You can mount the display on any VESA compatible mounting unit. 
Please take notice of the fact that there is no mounting unit included in scope of supply ! 
See the "Accessories" for more information.

- This TFT monitor is connected to a Windows PC USB connector. 
No additional powersupply needed !!

The display is working as an additional display which can be added to the main display area on the left, right, upper or lower. Alternatively it can mirror the primary screen. 

The display can be swiveled in steps of 90°. 
- In addition, the UM-720F model comes with touchscreen

- For this display we offer 3 different mounting adapters : - Headrest-mounting adapter - Suction mounting - VESA-75 adapter plate - 

189.00  Euro 169.00